1760  –  1783

1760  –  1767

The Battle of Panipat (Afghanistan)  -  The Treaty of Paris (Seven Years’ War)

Chief Pontiac (Ottawas)  -  John Wilkes  -  Paxton Boys’ Uprising  -  The Stamp Act (American Colonies)  -  The Mason Dixon Line (Mason & Dixon)


1760  –  1767

1768  –  1775

1768  –  1775

The Boston Massacre (American Colonies)  -  The Industrial Revolution (water power)

Warren Hastings (India)  -  Yemelian Pugachev (Peasant Revolt)  -  Boston Tea Party

(American Colonies - Richard Price)  -  The Quebec Act (Roman Catholics)

Catherine the Great (Grigory Potemkin)  -  The American War of Independence

Lexington, Concord & Bunker Hill (Paul Revere)  -  First Anglo Maratha War (India)

1776  –  1783

Giovanni Battista Morgagni

(causes of diseases)

Franz Anton Mesmer




Johann Pestalozzi

(child care)

John Harrison


James Hargreaves

(spinning jenny)

Von Gluck

(Iphigenia in Tauris)

William Boyce

(Church music)

Robert Adam

(Adam style)

Greek Revival


William Chambers

(Kew pagoda)


(The Blue Boy)

“Beau Nash” (Bath)

Richard Wilson

(Cader Idris)

John Robert Cozens

(Mount Vesuvius)

Josiah Wedgwood

(“Queen’s Ware”)

Sevres (porcelain)

Fragonard (The Swing)

Herbert Robert

(classical ruins)

Jean Baptiste Greuze

(simple family life)

George Stubbs (horses)

Horace Walpole

(Gothic Novels)

Thomas Chatterton

(Rowley poems)

Oliver Goldsmith

(Vicar of Wakefield)

Laurence Sterne

(Tristam Shandy)

Gotthold Lessing

(German drama)

Georges Buffon

(natural history)

Lazzaro Spallanzani

(“vital atoms”)

James Brindley

(canal building)

Richard Price

(Civil Liberty)

Samuel Johnson

(Western Isles)

Fanny Burney


James Boswell

(Life of Johnson)

Hester Thrale

(on Johnson)

“Blue Stockings”

Goethe & Herder

(Sturm und Drang)


(Marriage of Figaro)

Sheridan (The Rivals)

Joseph Banks


Scheele (oxygen)

Joseph Priestly

(modern chemistry)

Joseph Black


Henry Cavendish

(density of Earth)

Joshua Reynolds


Angelica Kauffmann

(graceful style)

Henri Fuseli

(The Nightmare)

Johann Zoffany

(Uffizi gallery)

Joseph Wright

(The Air Pump)

William Hodges

(Cook voyage)

Jean Henri Riesener

(cabinet maker)

David Roentgen

(cabinet maker)

James Cook



(world tour)

James Bruce

(Blue Nile)

Carsten Niebuhr


Baskerville & Bodoni (typeface)

William Blackstone

(Laws of England)

John Howard

(prison reform)

Joseph Cugnot


Richard Arkwright

(factory system)

1776  –  1783

General George Washington  -  The Battle of Boston  -  The Battle for New York

American Declaration of Independence  -  The Battles of Saratoga  -  The Stars and Stripes

French-American Alliance  -  Valley Forge  -  John Paul Jones  -  The Bavarian Succession

Great Siege of Gibraltar  -  Kaffir Wars (South Africa)  -  Second Anglo-Mysore War (India)

Tupac Amaru II (Incas)  -  Henry Grattan (Irish Home Rule)  -  The Gordon Riots (London)

Battle of Yorktown (British surrender)  -  Peace of Paris (The United States)

Antoine Lavoisier

(chemical elements)

Claude-Louis Berthollet

(State of Chemistry)

James Watt

(rotary action)

John Wilkinson

(machine tools)

David Bushnell


Samuel Crompton

(spinning mule)

Montgolfier Brothers

(first manned flight)

Jacques Charles

(hydrogen balloon)

Abraham Darby

(cast-iron bridge)

John Smeaton

(Eddystone lighthouse)

Adam Smith

(Wealth of Nations)

William Herschel


Nevil Maskelyne

(Nautical Almanacs)