1830 – 1837

The July Revolution (Charles X & Louis Philippe)  -  Algeria (French Foreign Legion)

Uprisings in Europe  -  Belgian Independence  -  First Reform Act (Shaftesbury and

Wellington)  -  First Carlist War (Spain)  -  War of the Two Brothers (Portugal)

Clausewitz (Vom Krieg)  -  Tolpuddle Martyrs (Captain Swing)  -  Texas War of

Independence (Battles of Alamo & San Jacinto)  -  The Great Trek (South Africa)


Victor Hugo

(Les Misérables)

Alfred de Vigny


Alfred de Musset

(Les Nuits)

Théophile Gautier

(Emaux & Camées)

Leconte de Lisle

(Parnassian Movement)

Aleksandre Pushkin

(Eugene Onegin)

Nikolai Gogol

(Dead Souls)


(Vom Krieg)

Honoré de Balzac

(Père Goriot)


(Rouge et Noir)

Hans Christian Andersen

(Fairy Tales)

Frederick Marryat

(Children of New Forest)

Vincenzo Bellini and

Gaetano Donizetti

(bel canto melodies)

Giacomo Meyerbeer

(Robert le Diable)

Daniel Auber

(Opéra comique)

James Clark Ross

(North Pole)

John Ross (Arctic)

Jules Dumont d’Urville

and Charles Wilkes


Falklands (history)

Auguste Comte


Michael Faraday

and John Tyndall

 (chemistry & physics)

William Whewell

(Inductive Sciences)

Joseph Henry


Thomas Graham

(diffusion of gases)

Friedrich Wohler

(organic chemistry)

Justus von Liebig


Charles Lyell


Katsushika Hokusai &

Ando Hiroshige (ukyo-e)

Honoré Daumier

(comédie humaine)

Charles Babbage (analytical engine)

Cyrus Hall McCormick (reaping machine)

Samuel Morse (Morse Code)

Charles Wheatstone (electric telegraph)

The Oxford Movement  (Newman)

The Mormon Church (Salt Lake City)

John Herschel

(South Africa)

Friedrich Froebel