1881 – 1901

1881  –  1887

First Anglo-Boer War (Battle of Mujibi Hill)  -  Panama Canal (Ferdinand de Lesseps)

The Kiel Canal  -  Phoenix Park Murders  -  Irish Land League (Charles Parnell)

The Anglo-Egyptian War (British occupy Egypt)  -  Tunisia (A French Protectorate)

The Triple Alliance  -  The Berlin Conference (concerning Africa)  -  Colonies in Asia

First Anglo-Sudan War (death of General Gordon)  -  The Third Anglo-Burmese War

(Upper Burma)  -  Congo Free State (Leopold II)  -  Gold Rushes (Queensland,

Western Australia, Klondyke, Yukon and Anvil Creek)  -  The Irish Home Rule Bills

(Gladstone)  -  Sino-French War (French Indochina)  -  Qn.Victoria (golden jubilee)

1881  –  1887

1888  –  1894

1888  –  1894

The British South Africa Company (Cecil Rhodes & Paul Kruger)  -  The Battle of

Wounded Knee (end of the Indian Wars)  -  The First Matabele War (Rhodesia)

The Drefus Affair (Émile Zola)  -  Franco-Prussian Alliance  -  The Entente Cordiale

The First Sino-Japanese War (Treaty of Shimonoseki)  -  The Armenian Massacres

1895  –  1901

1895  –  1901

Nobel Prizes (five)  -  Jameson Raid (Transvaal)  -  Second Matabele War (Rhodesia)

First Italo-Ethiopian War (Battle of Adowa & Menclik II)  -  Fourth Anglo-Ashanti War

(British protectorate)  -   The Greco-Turkish War (Crete)  -  Second Anglo-Sudan War

(Omdurman & Kitchener)  -  The Fashoda Incident  -  Spanish-American War (Cuba)

The Anglo-American Dispute (British Guiana)  -  Hong Kong (New Territories)

Second Anglo-Boer War (Mafeking, Kimberley, Ladysmith)  - Hobhouse (distress fund)

The Boxer Rebellion (China)

Victor Hugo

(Les Miserables)

Goncourts (Journal)

Paul Verlaine

(L’Art poétique)

Arthur Rimbaud


Ivan Turgenev (The Idiot)

Stéphane Mallarmé

(Symbolist Movement)

Walt Whitman

(O Captain! My Captain!)

Lewis Carroll

(Alice in Wonderland)

Fyodor Dostoevsky

(Crime & Punishment)

Karl Marx (Das Kapital)

Georges Seurat

and Paul Signac


Auguste Rodin

(The Kiss)

Medardo Rosso

(The Urchin)

William Gilbert

and Arthur Sullivan

(The Mikado)

John Philip Sousa

(Washington Post)


(Maple Leaf Rag)

William James


Friedrich Nietzsche


Flinders Petrie

(Ramses II)

Louis Pasteur


Hilaire de Chardonnet

(artificial silk)

Heinrich Hertz

(electrical energy)

Ernst Mach

(“Mach number”)

Automobile Industry

(Karl Benz and

Gottlieb Daimler)

Robert Koch


Emil von Behring


Paul Ehrlich


Gustave Eiffel

(Eiffel Tower)

Frédéric A. Bartholdi

(Statue of Liberty)

George Eastman

(Kodak camera)

Thomas Edison


The Mighty Five


(The Snow Maiden)

Mily Balakirev


Aleksandr Borodin

(Prince Igor)

César Frank

(Panis Angelicus)

Antonίn Dvorák

(“New World”)

Jean Sibelius


Claude Debussy

(Claire de Lune)

Emmanuel Chabrier


Émile Waldteufel

(Les Patineurs)

Jules Massenet

(Le Cid)

Erik Satie

(Jack in the Box)

Jerome K Jerome

(Three Men in a Boat)

W.W. Jacobs

(The Monkey’s Paw)

George Meredith

(The Egoist)

Francis Thompson

(Hound of Heaven)

Émile Zola (J’accuse)

Anatole France

(Gods are Athirst)

George Bernard Shaw


Arthur Wing Pinero

(2nd Mrs Tanqueray)

Rudyard Kipling

(Jungle Books)

Frances Burnett

(The Secret Garden)

Andrew Lang

(The Blue Fairy Book)

Georges du Maurier


Vincent Van Gogh


Paul Gauguin

(Tahitian Girl)

Edvard Munch

(The Scream)



Henri Rouseau

(The Dream)

Alfred Marshall

(The Principles)

Eugène Dubois

(Java Man)

Wilhelm Roentgen


Giacomo Puccini

(La Bohème)

Richard Strauss

(Don Quixote)

Gustave Mahler

(Song of the Night)

Paul Dukas

(Sorcerer’s Apprentice)

Edward Elgar

(Enigma Variations)

Frederick Delius

(In a Summer Garden)

Arturo Toscanini

(famed conductor)

Pietro Mascagni

(Easter Hymn)

Ruggero Leoncavello


William Booth

(Salvation Army)

Thomas Barnardo

(Children’s Homes)

Arthur Evans

(Knossis, Crete)


Aubrey Beardsley (Salome)

Lumière Brothers (motion pictures)

Thomas Hardy

(Return of the Native)

Alphonse Daudet

(Letters from my Mill)

Mark Twain

(Tom Sawyer)

Louisa May Alcott

(Little Women)

Mary Elizabeth Dodge

(The Silver Blade)

Joel Chandler Harris

(Uncle Remus)

Henrik Ibsen

(The Doll’s House)

Jons-Karl Huysmans

(Against the Grain)

Guy de Maupassant

(Boule de Suif)