1422  –  1461

Joan of Arc (Battle of Patay)  -  Charles VII of France  -  Itzcoatl (Aztec Empire)

Phnom Penh (Khmer Empire)  -  Oba Ewuare (Kingdom of Benin)  -  Cheng-t’ung

(Ming Emperor)  -  Great Wall of China  -  Jack Cade (Kent)  -  End of Zimbabwe

End of Hundred Years’ War  -  Fall of Constantinople (Mehmed II)  -  Wars of the Roses

Margaret of Anjou  -  Mayapan (Maya Empire)

Ulugh Beg (Samarkand)

Henry the Navigator


Leonardo Bruni

(The Florentine People)

Johannes Gutenberg

(Gutenberg Bible)

François Villon

(Le Petit Testament)


Lorenzo Ghiberti (Gates of Paradise)

Paolo Uccello (St.George and the Dragon)

Bernardo Rossellino (The Annunciation)

Jean Fouquet (Pietà)

Jan van Eyck (Adoration of the Lamb)

Rogier van der Weyden (The Deposition)

Konrad Witz (Draught of Fishes)

Donatello (David)

Masaccio (Expulsion from Eden)

Fra Filippo Lippi (Madonna and Child)

Florence (Cosimo de Medici)

Fra Angelico (The Annunciation)

Luca della Robbia (The Cantoria)

Piero della Francesca (Arezzo Frescoes)

Pisanello (portrait medals)

Guillaume Dufay

(Lamentation for Constantinople)

Leon Battista Alberti

(Santa Maria Novella)