1216  –  1272

The last Crusades  -  Khanates (Mongol Empire)  -  The Inquisition (Gregory IX)

Empire of Mali (West Africa)  -  Ferdinand III of Castile -  Batu (Mongol Empire)

Mamluks (Egypt/Syria)  -  Hulagu (Mongols)  -  Provisions of Oxford (Henry III)

The Treaty of Paris  -  Kublai Khan (Mongol Empire)  -  Michael VIII (Byzantium)

Simon de Montfort (Battle of Lewis)  -  The Battle of Evesham

Thomas Aquinas

(Summa Theologica)

Roger Bacon

(Opus Majus)


Matthew Paris (History of England)

Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun

(Romance of the Rose)

Carpini and William of Rubruquis

(travels in Mongolia)

Salisbury Cathedral (Early Gothic)

Alhambra Palace (Granada)

Travels of Marco Polo