1783  –  1802

1783  –  1789

The Treaty of Mangalore (Mysore, India)  -  The India Act (East India Company)

Convention at Philadelphia (US constitution)  -  Botany Bay (Arthur Phillip)

The States General (Louis XVI)  -  George Washington (first US President)

The French Revolution (storming of the Bastille)


1783  –  1789

1790  –  1795

1790  –  1795

The Flight to Varennes (Louis XVI)  -  The Constitution Act (Upper and Lower Canada)

Tousaint Louverture (Saint Domingue) (slave rebellion)  -  The Anti-Slave Movement

The Treaty of Jassy (Russia v Turkey)  - Revolutionary Wars  -  The Battle of Valmy

Execution of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette  -  The Reign of Terror (Jean Paul Marat)

Danton & Robespierre  -  Battle of Fleurus  -  The Treaties of Basle (French Republic)

The Directory (French government)  -  Partition of Poland (Russia, Prussia, Austria)

1796  –  1802

Edmund Burke

(French Revolution)

Thomas Paine

(Common Sense)

George Crabbe

(The Village)

Mary Wollstonecraft

(Rights of Women)

William Godwin

(Geoffrey Chaucer)

Friedrich Schiller

(Maid of Orleans)

Friedrich Holderlin



(Hymns to the Night)

William Blake

(Songs of Experience)

Thomas Sheraton

(Drawing Book)

George Hepplewhite

(Furniture Guide)

Kitagawa Utamaro

(feminine charm)

Toshusai Sharaku

(Kabuki actors)

Franz Joseph Hayden

(The Creation)

Charles Burney

(History of Music)

La Marseillaise

(Rouget de Lisle)

Aaron Arrowsmith

(world map)

George Vancouver

(Round the World)

Alexander Mackenzie

(Canada-east to west)

Mungo Park

(West Africa)

Eli Whitney (cotton gin)

1796  –  1802

Battle of Cape St. Vincent  -  Spithead & Nore Mutinies  -  Treaty of Campo Formio

(Napoleon Bonaparte)  -  Battle of Vinegar Hill (Wolfe Tone)  -  Battle of the Pyramids

(The Rosetta Stone)  -  Battle of Aboukir Bay (Horatio Nelson)  -  Lady Hamilton

Tippu Sahib (Mysore)  -  The Consulate (Napoleon Bonaparte)  -  Battle of Marengo

Treaty of Lunéville  -  Act of Union (UK)  -  Battle of Copenhagen (Horatio Nelson)

The Treaty of Amiens (End of the French Revolutionary Wars)

François Blanchard

(balloon flight)

André Garnerin


Robbie Burns

(Tam O’Shanter)

William Cowper

(John Gilpin)

Edward Gibbon

(Rise and Fall)

Paston Letters

(Norfolk family)

Hannah More

(Village Politics)

James Hutton

(Theory of the Earth)

John Playfair

(Huttonian Theory)

Joseph Louis Lagrange

(Analytic Mechanical)

Pierre-Simon de Laplace

(Maths – probability)

Adrien Marie Legendre

(Elements of Geometry)

Count Rumford

(source of heat)

Immanuel Kant


Gottlieb Fichte

(creative Ego)

William Paley

(Natural Theology)

Jeremy Bentham


Mont Blanc

(Paccard & Balmat)

H.B. de Saussure

(Travels in the Alps)

HMS Bounty

(William Bligh &

Fletcher Christian)

Henry Cort


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(Marriage of Figaro)

Muzio Clementi

(piano technique)

Arthur Young

(Farming Calendar)

Thomas Coke

(Holkham Hall)

Pierre Simon de Laplace

(Celestial Mechanics)

Adrien Marie Legendre


Jacques-Louis David

(Oath of the Horatii)

Jean-Antoine Houdon

(portrait sculptor)

William Godwin (freedom)

Taylor Samuel Coleridge

(The Ancient Mariner)

Robert Southey

(Life of Nelson)

Thomas Malthus

(Principle of Population)

Alessandro Volta

(“voltaic pile”)

Luigi Galvani

(muscular motion)

Charles Coulomb


Johann Bode


Jérôme Lalande

(Celestial History)

Giuseppe Piazzi

(ceres – asteroid)

Edward Jenner


Xavier Bichat


James Gillray (cartoonist)

Baron Antoine-Jean Gros

(Battle of Aboukir)

Romney (Lady Hamilton)