1327  –  1377

Battle of Halidon Hill  -  Yoshino-Kyoto (Civil War in Japan)  -  The Hundred Years’ War

Battle of Sluys  -  Battle of Rio Salado (Abu al-Hasan and Yusuf I)  -  Orhan and Murad I

(Ottoman)  -  Battle of Crécy (Longbow and Burghers of Calais)  -  The Black Death

Order of the Garter  -  The Battle of Poitiers (The Black Prince)  -  Massacre of Limoges

The Jacquerie (France)  -  Treaty of Bretigny (Bertrand du Guesclin)  -  Ming Dynasty

The Hanseatic League  -  The Chimu (Peru)  -  John of Gaunt  -  Conference at Bruges


Declaration of Rhens

(Charles of Bohemia)

John Wycliffe

(On Civil Lordship)

Babylonian Captivity

(Gregory XI)

Andrea Pisano (bronze panels)

Taddeo Giddi (Allegory of the Cross)

Ni Tsan (landscapes)

Francesco Petrarch

(The Songbook)

Jean Froissart


Giovoanni Boccaccio


William Langland

(Piers the Plowman)

Guy de Chauliac

(Great Surgery)

Giotto’s Tower

Windsor Castle

The Bastille

Ibn Battuta (Travels)

Odoric of Pordenone

(Travels of Friar Doric)