1702  –  1714

The War of the Spanish Succession: (Louis XIV, the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene of Savoy)  -  Battles of Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenaarde, and Malplaquet  -  

Queen Anne’s War  -  The Camisard Revolt  in France  -  National Uprising in Hungary (Rakoczi)  -  

British capture Rock of Gibraltar  -  Husayn Ibn Ali seizes control in Tunisia  -

Act of Union unites England and Scotland  -  Mughal Empire begins to break up  -  

Battle of Poltava (Russians defeat Charles XII of Sweden)  -  Asiento de Negros granted to Britain

Treaty of Utrecht ends The War of The Spanish Succession.


Wu Li (Old Snowman)

Meissen porcelain

Work begins on the building of St Petersburg

Vanbrugh (Blenheim Palace)

Nicholas Hawksmoor (All Souls, Oxford)

Halley’s comet

John Flamsteed

(Catalogue of Stars)

Isaac Newton (Optics)

Gottfried Leibnitz (Monadology)

Abraham Darby (coke furnace)

Newcomen (steam engine)

Boerhaave (Medical Principles)

Berkeley (Human Knowledge)

Steele and Addison (Tatler & Spectator)

Coffee Houses

George Farquhar (The Recruiting Officer)


(first piano)

Isaac Watts (hymns)

Sacheverell (preacher)