xxxxxTHE AIM of Timewise Traveller is to take you through 835 years of world history from William I in 1066 to the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, covering not only political history – with its many battles and treaties – but also the development of all the major “disciplines”, like music, art, medicine, literature and the sciences. In that way, hopefully, you, the traveller, will come to understand and appreciate the wider and true meaning of history: a chronological account of mankind’s development over the entire range of human endeavour.

xxxxxThe path you take is very easy to follow. It begins at THE MENU. There you will find the 40 periods which cover the reigns of the British monarchs. These are the stages that make up your journey. Click on any one of these titles and you will be given not only information about the monarch and the times in which he or she was living, but also a chronological list (a Date Column) of all the major events of that particular reign. This will give you quite a good idea of what was happening during that period.

xxxxxFor some travellers this might provide them with sufficient information. However, if you are keen to obtain a wider grasp of history, then this knowledge can be easily expanded by clicking on the highlighted word or phrase. If it is about political history – like the Battle of Trafalgar – then the title will be in red; if it is about other events – like, for example, the life and works of Mozart or Charles Dickens – then the title will be in green.

xxxxxThese EXPANSIONS provide a good coverage of the subject matter. There is a brief summary of the topic, contained in a yellow box, and this is followed by a fuller version – supported by pictures, maps and diagrams, some of which can be increased in size. Sometimes these expansions have additional information on people or events related to the main topic. These are listed in the blue box (top righthand corner) and can be reached by scrolling down the page. The Header and Footer enables you to return to your travels or go back to the Menu.

xxxxxThroughout the text use is made of PINK LINKS, like (1524 H8) or (1862 Vb). These let you know where the subject you are studying has been mentioned earlier or is to be discussed further at a later date. And for most of the monarchs there is a colourful section called SNIPPETS, providing interesting little pieces of information that are well worth the knowing. This can be accessed via a box at the end of the Date Column. And it is at this point too, that, by clicking on SYNOPSIS, you can obtain a simple outline of the major events and people of that particular reign or period.

xxxxxTHE INDEX is reached via the Menu and this provides an alphabetical list whereby you can view all the information available. In addition, a section entitled Time Line (situated at the end of the Menu) enables you to obtain a chronological list of all the Disciplines – like Music, the Sciences, Medicine and the Visual Arts – plus all the major countries and political events, such as the French Revolution and the American Civil War. Simply click on the box provided.   

xxxxxTimewise Traveller has been produced purely for educational purposes, and it is not a commercial undertaking. It can be read and copied completely free of charge. However, to meet the requirements of “Fair Dealing” (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988), every effort has been made to acknowledge copyright material in full, and to provide the location of all images.

xxxxxIt has taken me over twelve years to produce this unique and comprehensive study of history, so I do hope that you will enjoy your journey and find it of value! If so, then please encourage others to be a “Timewise Traveller”.


Derek J.P. Waldie, PhD, MA, BA, BSc(Econ), PGCE  (“DJ” for short)


I am most grateful to all members of my family for their interest and support over the many years I have spent producing Timewise Traveller, especially my dear wife, Peggy, and my darling daughter Carena Joy. I must also thank and congratulate the two IT specialists who have done such a fine job in transferring this sizeable History onto the World Wide Web – Dan Barker ( and Paul Hutchings ( Theirs has been a long and demanding task, superbly accomplished.



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Material within this work may be copied for educational purposes, but on no account must it be used for monetary gain.

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